Are you tired of waking up early in hopes of beating rush hour on a Monday morning? Do you stand long hours in the train station or even waste almost an hour of your day because you’re stuck in traffic? Did you ever wish that you can travel and work from anywhere in the world with absolute freedom?

Well, you don’t have to go through all those struggles in your life because working from home or even anywhere has already become a trend and that is one of the perks of being a Virtual Assistant.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

In simple terms, a Virtual Assistant or “VA” is someone who is an expert in different or even a specific skill while operating from a remote location. While an employee is required to report in a 9-5 office job, a Virtual Assistant can work anytime and anywhere (as long as they’re online!) and they can also fall under the category of being “Freelancers” meaning they can take multiple projects while delivering excellent output to their clients.


How to Become a Virtual Assistant?

As a freelance VA myself, I’ve outlined 5 steps or resources that worked for me in becoming a Virtual Assistant:

1.) Internet Connection

This probably is the most crucial resource for me since most of my clients are scattered worldwide. It is important that I am responsive to their needs via email or chat. Being a VA also means that you’re taking a load off your client’s shoulders and helping them out, not the other way around and you can only help by communicating with them. You can opt for a pocket/portable wifi if you are moving around the world.

2.) Equipment and Environment

You can’t just work from anywhere in the world if you don’t have the right tools to set you up. For starters, a laptop is a good investment in starting your journey as a VA since laptops are highly portable that you can carry and use anywhere.

Not only will a laptop be of good use but having a good working environment is also beneficial. I’ve worked in coffee shops but for me, nothing beats a well lit, peaceful co-working space that allows you to concentrate and not worry about drinks spilling into your devices or even loud music to distract you from your thoughts. A great working environment enhances your productivity.

3.) Knowing your Skills

and actually excel on them! Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie is also important so that you won’t have a hard time helping your client with their problem and your reputation as a VA won’t be tarnished with negative feedback. If you put yourself in your client’s shoes as a Mobile App Agency looking for an Android Programmer, you don’t want to hire someone who is great at Bookkeeping but terrible with coding, right? Honing your skills is really a win-win situation.

4.) Commitment

VA’s are sometimes called “Freelancers” because they can take multiple clients if they like. If you want to be an esteemed VA, you have to commit to your client’s request and NOT bail on them whenever you like. If you ever think of leaving a terrible client, you need to tell them and not just go A.W.O.L. Even though being a VA means working (but without the “boss” part) anywhere and to anyone, you need to treat all clients with respect and ensure them that they can trust you when handling their tasks.

5.) Manage your Time

Even though being a VA means having all the freedom and time in the world, in order to be a successful VA you need to be able to allot specific time to each task. My strategy in delegating time is to complete those tasks that take up the most time to complete first and work accordingly from there. There is nothing wrong with starting as late as 6 PM but you just have to make sure that you are able to deliver the expected output of your client. Your clients don’t necessarily care if you’re in a 5-star hotel or by the beach working, being a VA gives the impression that your clients can rely on you and get the job done regardless of where you are – what matters to them are results.

Don’t stress it too much! If you think that you have the essential qualities and resources needed to be a Virtual Assistant after reading this, then at least you now have a better understanding of the journey.

Virtual Assistant is not only a job but it’s also more than that. It requires determination and perseverance.

Just take the leap and see where it leads you.

About the Author

Kate Velez

Since 2015, I have been designing and developing WordPress websites for SME. Being a freelancer gave me total freedom of my time, partners, and workload, I also get to travel anytime and anywhere I want! and that is something that I can never get when I’m in a corporate setting.

Aside from Web Development, I also blog(about anything!), create Graphic Designs and Social Media Management primarily Instagram.

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