About LeeAnn Mason

  • Academic Level Professional Certifications
  • Age Above 38 Years
  • Experience 5+ Years


Emotions Code Practitioner, Essential Oil Coach, doTerra Wellness Advocate, Owner Beyond Possibilities LLC

Through my 15 years with Azevedo Studios/Two Little Hands productions I worked with WordPress to support the website and I wrote for the newsletter and blog. Over the last 7 I have created and maintained 3 website/blog as part of my business. 

I love learning about healing and wellness and sharing what I have learned with others. I enjoy developing and teaching classes and modalities to help myself and other support Mind, Body, and Soul.

My family is the center of my world. Together we enjoy sports, fitness, nature, cooking, baking, smoking, barbecuing, and candy making.  We also enjoy playing games, watching movies, and reading.









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