general FAQ

what do you do?

Virtually Amazing is a global freelancing platform that allows business owners to search potential candidates through our wide range of databases and post job opportunities online.

Freelancers or candidates can also search and apply for their dream job through the “Become a VA” page or be contacted directly from a certain company.

do you offer promotions?

Yes! We have a special add-on for all business owners and freelancers that will allow them to promote their company, job listings, or profile on our social media platforms.

Read about the details here.

can I cancel my promotion?

Yes, you can cancel anytime but billed services are non-refundable.

how do i know if something's featured?

Business owners will have a “Star Icon” on the right side of their profile.

Business owners will have a “Featured” banner on their company/organization name and image.

Featured job posts will have a “Star Icon” for their featured job post.

is your website safe to accept payments?

Business owners will pay through PayPal’s standard checkout process upon checkout. We will not be storing your credit card information on our website.

We respect your privacy and will never share any information from our clients.

Read our Privacy Policy here.

Business Owner FAQ

how do i pay workers?

You could use Paypal, Xoom or Transferwise or any payment system that you like or discuss with your candidate their preferred mode of payment.

how much do i pay candidates?

How much you pay them is also dependent on your negotiation with them.

will you recruit for us?

Unfortunately, no.

Our advanced filtering-search system will enable you to find the right candidate with just a few clicks.

Are there fees?

Signing up will forever be FREE.

You will only pay a certain amount if you will post a job offer.

We have a “Free Package” that is given to each business owner upon signup allowing you to post limited job offers, however, if you want more credits, you can choose between our Monthly or Annual packages.

do you offer cancellations and refunds?

For the Business Package – unfortunately, no.

We have provided flexible packages that you can choose to fit within your budget and time.

What is this "Package Expiry Time"?

Package Expiry Time is the duration of your business owner package. You can choose between 30 Days or 1 Year here.

What is this "Job Expiry Time"?

Job Expiry Time is the duration of your jobs being posted on the site.

If you chose the Monthly Package, each of your job postings will be available on the site for 7 days.

For Monthly Package users, we suggest setting your application deadline before your job expiry time.

What is this "Featured Job Credits"?

This will allow businesses owners to feature their job postings on the home page allowing it to stand out from other job offers.

Where can I see my remaining and used credits?

Upon payment of your new job posting, you will be able to see your used and remaining credits.

I need more featured job credits

On top of your existing Business Package, you can add Single Featured Job Credits to your account if you need more.

If you want to feature a job posting, select “Manage Jobs” and under the “Featured” tab, check the box to mark the job as featured, you will be prompted to select the add-on package, once you confirm you will be redirected to the checkout page the confirm your payment.

My Package status is "Expired"

When you have already used up the total number of job postings available to your package, the package expires even before the expiration time.

However, you are allowed to purchase another business package.

Can I still receive job applications after my package expires?

Once your package expires, it will be unavailable and taken down in search results and the job status on your user dashboard will be “Expired”.

You will still be able to view the expired job posting through your User Dashboard -> Manage Jobs.

Candidate FAQ

how will business owners contact me?

Each freelancer/candidate has a contact form on their profile which can be used for business owners to fill out and get in touch.

do I need an account to apply for a job?

Yes, and it’s FREE!

Having a profile will also allow business owners to save your profile for future references and include you in the list of candidates.

how do i apply for jobs?

Going through our “Become a VA” page will give you numerous job results which you can apply to.

Available job offers have a “Apply for the Job” button on their posting page.

how will i know if the job is filled/expired?

Filled or expired job listings will no longer accept applications and will be taken down in search results.

how will i get paid?

That is up to you! You can choose from many payment systems online to receive your payment.

You can also agree to the business owner’s desired mode of payment, this will all depend upon your negotiations.

Help! The business owner did not pay me

Any negotiation and agreements made between the business owners and freelancers/candidates are beyond our control.

In the case where the freelancer/candidate reports that the business package refuses to pay for the work done, the business owner will be removed from our site.

We suggest checking the business owner’s page for reliability by clicking on their company name within their job posting or through our Business Owner Search page.

Read our Terms and Conditions here.

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