Over the last 30 years, it is undeniable that evolving technology has resulted in major changes to our day to day lives.

The reality of living in a digital world means that information on almost any topic is instantly available to us, people can connect with loved ones and strangers alike with the mere click of a button, we can host birthdays and Friday night drinks via video technology, bills can be paid and groceries bought from the comfort of our own lounges.

In the world’s current climate, living through COVID-19, the online world has exploded as more and more people move to remote working scenarios and job loss has meant more people are turning to online side hustles.

So, if we are constantly seeing changes in how we receive information and how we spend our money, then it makes sense that the ways we are exposed to these things have to change too. Marketing is one of the industries, most significantly impacted by technological growth as it negates shifts from traditional marketing to channels more in sync with our changing world and that means that every day, more and more people are turning to learn digital marketing as a career.

I know, I’m one of those people.

And why not? Done right, Digital Marketing can allow you to live that coveted laptop lifestyle while helping businesses grow and get their message out to the world.

So, what are the crucial things a Digital Marketer needs to understand, do and be to stand out from the rest of the Digital Marketing crowd?

Here’s what I’ve learned since becoming a Freelance Digital Marketer.

1. It’s all about building relationships, not just selling a product. Your clients, and their clients, need to resonate with what you’re selling, they need to know the story, recognize the brand and feel something for it as well as believe your product or service will give them the most value over anyone else’s. In a world saturated with choice, people will buy from the human behind the brand. To attract that, make sure the real you is visible to them!

2. Know your client. Understand your customers so that you can target the right audience and offer the right solutions to them! People are much more aware of the wide range of choices they have available to them and so they expect unique forms of marketing and products to be presented to them that truly meet their pain points.

3. Invest your time in staying on top of trends, platforms and what tools of the trade are available! The online world is 24/7 and being across the tools that can help you automate your marketing strategies is so important. A lot of consumers are fairly tech-savvy these days, so they want to be presented with marketing campaigns that make their lives feel more meaningful, streamlined and that integrate with the tools and software that are most relevant to them. To do this, you need to know what those tools are!

4. Adapt. With all the data and automated report software available to Digital Marketers, we have the advantage of being able to test and tweak our campaigns to determine the best customer journey and flow. Merge that with your ability to strategize and think analytically and you’ll have happy clients.

5. Post creative, original content that shows value, relevance and encourages engagement with your audience. Find out who they are and what they love and hate. The best place to do this is Social Media. You need to be where your audience is and there is a digital “hangout” spot for almost every demographic. Find where yours is and offer them relevant, frequent content and insight.

Digital Marketing, at its core, is about connecting with people, to offer them solutions to their problems. Communicate and engage, stay savvy and strategic and problem solve with creativity and you’ll shine in the industry.

About the Author

Michaela Ford

I’m a language and organization queen with over 12 years’ experience in office management, project coordination and copy and content creation.

Words and language in any format are my jam and they are so crucial to running a successful business and communicating who you are with to the world. Also crucial to your business is getting things done to help you grow. My skills gift you the time to focus on what you feel most called to do in an aligned, good feeling, productive and effective way.

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