Growing up, I always liked interacting with people. Regardless of their sexual orientation, race, religion, or anything that you could think of, I would still interact with them as long as mutual respect is existing. I enjoy engaging in discourse with different kinds of people because it makes me more knowledgeable about their life, belief systems, and opinion on things that matter. It also helps me learn things that I’m not familiar with or have never encountered.

When engaging with people, one thing I’ve noticed is that building a connection matters as it serves as the foundation of your relationship with them. Building a connection may mean finding a common interest, sharing the same passion, or just expressing genuine intent on the matter. This is important for if a relationship doesn’t have a strong connection, it could fade easily, and the conversation will not continue ongoing.

Back then, engaging with discourse didn’t really have a sense of importance on me. At the back of my head, I just liked meeting new people and creating new friendships out of the conversations that we had. Little did I know that it would actually help me build my career.

I learned this when I was in high school, doing my research paper. My research paper had no direct connection with the matter, but knowing a lot of people actually made data gathering easier. I was able to gather data faster compared to my classmates and it was easier to follow up to the respondents since I know most of them. When I was in 11th Grade, that was where I started being career-oriented. It was considered an advantage to know a lot of people since having that could easily jumpstart your career. I sought help from my friends who are already working in their respective industries and I was able to confirm that this is true. Having a strong skill set is just as important, but if you do not know where to apply it or know people who could guide you on how to do it, then you will eventually have a hard time applying it.

I am fortunate enough to have relationships with people who know what my capabilities are and actually open more doors for my improvement. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have figured out what I really want to do in my life.

My key take from my experience is that when you build connections to people genuinely, they will help you succeed in life. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, help is still help. You might never know that those who you just consider as a friend with mutual interest could actually help you achieve your dreams in life.

About the Author

Faith Marianne Lawas

Faith is a freelance multimedia artist and writer. She started writing during her elementary days and her improvement did not stop since then. She believes that having people who greatly believe in you will help you strive to reach your goals. In her free time, Faith likes cooking, filming random videos, gardening, and reading books. Faith likes sharing her talents with people as she feels that it will create ripple effects and could actually change someone’s life.

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